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Are Angels Real?

By Melissa Norris | Other

Apr 09

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Have you ever wondered if angels are real?

We read about them in the Bible and see pictures of beautiful white-winged creatures.

My first encounter with an angel may have only been in a dream, but it was so powerful, that it chased away any doubt for me that angels and my God are real.

I just finished reading Angels are for Real by Judith MacNutt. It’s a mixture of true stories and biblical answers and studies of angles. I came a way with a much deeper understanding of angels and how they work for God.

But a few things struck me. One, some people encounter angels without being close to God. He uses those encounters to bring people to Him. I’m not sure why I thought only truly devout people saw angles and that’s why I hadn’t.

Second, after reading these stories, I want to see more of the super natural. I want to stand in the presence of a burning on fire with God’s presence angelic being. I asked God to open my spiritual eyes.

And the next day He did. But not the way I expected. (God’s funny like that!)

I went to visit with a close friend who recently lost a dear loved one. While we were talking, she told me the week before the person died, she felt a presence at her home. A cold touch upon her cheek. She even got up to see if the window had been left open.

That same night, the person who died, felt a warm presence. They were relieved of pain for the first time in years and slept the whole night through.

At the same time, they both felt a sense of peace and comfort, with unexplainable sensations from something supernatural. I believe these were angels sent by God.

My friend had no idea I’d just read this book or asked God to show me His angles presence. I wanted to see one with my own eyes, but in His wisdom, He reached three people in answer to my prayer.

Have you ever experienced the presence of angels?

I received my copy of Angels are Real from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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