Planting Seeds for Eternity

I'm thrilled to be guest posting over at The Better Mom website today. If you haven't checked out their website and blog before, you're in for a treat. They cover everything from parenting, marriage, mom time, and recipes all with a Christian tone and message. Here's a teaser of my post for them, Planting Seed for Eternity. Spring time at our house means dragging out the rototiller and seed packets. I grew up planting the vegetable garden with my parents and automatically carried this into my own home and marriage. But once my children were born, I realized how special growing a garden is. From the first year they were born, both my son and daughter were out in the garden with us. They toddled between rows, fresh tilled dirt peppering their little chubby toes and hands. As they get older, I make the hole for the seed and they drop it in. We gently cover the seed together,┬átheir smaller hands patting the earth beside mine. They want to know how the tiny seed will grow into … [Read more...]