Nourishing Pin it Party #6-Medicinal Teas

This spring, my family was hit with a late flu bug. The kind where you can't keep anything down and your stomach cramps for days. In an effort to give my family relief, I started researching herbs and homemade tea remedies. Our pioneer forefathers didn't have modern medicine, they had to rely on what they could grow in their herb gardens. I love researching my latest novel and then getting to apply what I learn to make a better more nourished life for my family. So when I saw this pin from … [Read more...]

Nourishing Pin it Party #5-Pork with Lemon Asparagus & Kumquats

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. My daughter would suck the asparagus before she had teeth to chew it and it's still a family favorite around here. In fact, I'm going to be trying my hand at marinating and pickling some jars this spring. Yum! So I'm proud to showcase my favorite pin from last week's party from Lisa at Allergy-Free Vintage Cookery. She had me at vintage! For the recipe, for the pin. … [Read more...]

Nourishing Pin it Party Featuring Top 3 Pins

Make Your Own Yogurt from Chara of Stitching Hearts Together

I had a lot of fun checking out all of the cool pins you guys shared last week. I wish we could feature all of them, but I hope you checked them out for yourselves. This week, we're featuring the 3 most clicked on Pins from last week's party. I've been wanting to make my own yogurt for a while now and this Pin gives me confidence to go for it. Featured Pin #1 … [Read more...]

Announcing a New Nourishing Pin it Party! You’re invited!

Welcome to the Nourishing Pin It Party! I don't know about you, but there's nothing I like better than sharing my favorite things with my friends at a party. Especially, things that will nourish their body, home, mind, and soul. And now I get to do that every Wednesday with you guys!! Some awesome gals and I decided to throw a Pinterest Pin it Party every week. Are you as excited about that as I am? Some of my best recipes, gardening tips, and home decorating have come from friends. I … [Read more...]