Your Family’s Legacy

After Monday's post, Heirloom Green Bean Seed Giveaway, I started thinking about all the things that make up my family's legacy and traditions. My mother always took us to church, every Sunday morning. Once we hit our late teens, the rule was we had to go to church at least two Sunday's a month. I usually went with her every Sunday, but knowing I had a choice, made me not rebel. (That reverse psychology worked well) If someone was going through a hard time, my mother always offered to pray with them. I don't remember anyone ever turning her down. I admit I was a bit in awe at how she knew what words to say. Words flowed from her mouth, like she spoke to a friend, knowing exactly what to say and ask. Now that I've come to know Jesus intimately, I feel a comforting warmth spread over me when I pray out loud for others, like He's wrapping me in a well loved quilt straight off the clothes line in August. We always planted a large vegetable garden. Every spring, we'd head out … [Read more...]