Do You Need Saving?

I hate addiction. I hate how it changes people. The seductive lies, whispered until the person believes them.  I hate how it steals, how it devours everything good in them, an insatiable monster, never satisfied. I hate how it robs people of hope. Has addiction stolen something from you? Addiction stole my brother from me. But God used my brother's addiction to convict me. Everywhere I turn, I see lives smoldering from addiction. Like a fire, addiction reaches out with burning fingers, scorching everyone, not just the user. Death nips at my brother's heels. He is so caught in the chain of his drug use, that he can't see a way out. Even though he wants to. His days are full of torment, but he can't stop. He has been through 12 different treatment programs, jail, and prison. Still, this disease has him in its jaws. Part of me wonders, Lord, if it's that bad, why doesn't he quit? And the other part answers, don't you think he would stop if he could. No one wants to live … [Read more...]