Giveaway Week- A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days by Jonathan Bernis

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With spring feeling so far away, I decided we needed a little something to brighten our days before the sun comes out to play. (At least for those of who live in the Pacific Northwest, for those of you who already seeing sun, lucky people!) I've declared the first week of March giveaway week on … [Read more...]

How Sin Impacts Our Lives


We don't often like to think about sin. It's an ugly word. A word full of hurt, pain, and betrayal. I'd much rather focus on the power of Jesus' blood to wipe away our sin. But without the horridness of sin, the beauty of our Savior's redemption isn't as powerful. I just finished Before the Scarlet Dawn by author Rita Gerlach. In her story, Eliza Bloome marries Hayward Morgan, hoping with time his admiration will turn to love. She loves her husband and longs for him to return the sentiment towards her. Though her faith is tested, she never loses her faith in God or husband. But for one brief moment, she allows herself to slip. And that one sin, shadows the rest of her life. Not because God didn't forgive her. He does, immediately, but we still have to deal with the consequences of our sin. And so does Eliza. I read this book in one day. Really, one day. I couldn't put it down. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. And I'm offering up my copy for one of you … [Read more...]