I’m the type of gal who loves free things and I’m guessing so do you. As my way of saying thanks for hanging with me, I have three free ebooks for my friends. (If you’re here I consider us friends, hope you feel the same)Free resource guide to home food preservation. Over 80+ resources from canning, dehydrating, root cellar, salt curing, and alcohol and oil.  Perfect timing for all our summer and fall harvest coming up!

The Home Food Preservation Ultimate Resource Guide has over 80+ resources in articles, tutorials, books, equipment, and videos covering home canning, dehydrating, freezing, root cellar, and using alcohol and oil to preserve your food at home.

For those just getting started to those of you wanting to up your game. I share what I started with, what I now use, and what items will make your home food preservation easier.





Heirloom Gardening Guide-Plant to Save Money is a 40 page ebook of everything you need to know to get gardening with heirloom seeds.


  1. The difference between GMO, hybrid, and heirloom seeds
  2.  Benefits of heirloom seeds and where to get them
  3. Customized plan for which plants will save your family the most money
  4. Planting worksheet at the end
  5. Introduction to seed saving
  6. Container planting and space saving
  7. Pest control
  8. Which veggies and fruits to plant for preserving the harvest and which preserving methods work best.

A FREE Bonus gift to my newsletter subscribers!


Once Upon a Snow Storm is a short historical romance and free to my author newsletter subscribers.

Will love thaw her heart before it’s too late?OnceUponaSnowStormMasterCover

Heat sparked Callie Olson’s cheeks. Her breath stuck in her chest. What was Gary doing
back in town?
Her hands trembled as she folded the bolt of red flannel. His footfalls echoed across the
roughhewn boards of the mercantile. Clumps of snow fell from his boots. Dirty ice chunks
melted at his feet. I know how they feel.




Here’s the bonus chapter to my book, Pioneering Today. It features my blackberry and dumplings recipe you won’t find anywhere else. For the first chapter and reviews of Pioneering Today click on the cover photo below.

Pioneering Today-Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way Bonus Chapter.

43 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. Melissa, I ordered Pioneering Today, and I must say wonderful, wonderful… I also subscribed to your newsletter and enjoyed your ebooks… while reading closer to God, my hubby and I were just talking last night on how to hear God Speak… I so get now, you said by reading and studying in the Bible, (the living word) stood out loud and clear… we have busy lives and finding the time has been an issue… but now I know it must be a priority… Thank you so much for sharing all of this…

    One last thing I wanted to mention… on your blog I have difficulty seeing your words you wrote due to the background colors… i love the background though… just wanted to let you know … Connie

    • Connie, thank you so much. I love it when God uses something I’m reading to get a message to me, so I’m thrilled my words spoke to you.

      I’ve had another reader say something isn’t loading right on the blog. It should be a background of an old house with white in the center and black text on the white. So I’m going to have to investigate. What web browser are you using? I have google chrome and it’s loading normal.

  2. Hi Melissa! I am a subscriber to your newsletter already – that’s how I found out about the book…. would love to receive it (love your Pioneering one!!) … don’t see a link anywhere… What am I missing?? I have to ‘re-subscribe’??

    • Michelle,

      If you have the newsletter you received via email yesterday, just click on the cover of the heirloom guide. It will take you directly to the book and you can read it there and if you want to save it, right click on it and choose the save as option and save it to your computer. Let me know if you can’t find it ( and I’ll email you the link again. :)

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  4. Found you at the perfect time, planting my first herb garden this year. Look forward to receiving your newsletters and reading your books!

  5. I am checking out your website thanks to CINDY WOODSMALL’S blog. I am definitely adding you to my watch list and I will be reading your articles!
    God has blessed us with a garden for our own veggies, I hope to start canning this year, and plenty of chickens for our own eggs. The kids want to do some poultry raising for meat too this year.
    I will be reading up about your herbs. This is an area I am not too familiar with.
    Thank you for a wonderful site!
    God Bless!

    • Welcome, Sarah! I love Cindy’s blog and books, so I’m honored to have you come visit. I’ll be doing lots of canning posts as we get into that season, with some video tutorials as well, so I hope they’ll help you get started. Farm fresh eggs are the best!

  6. Yeah so glad to find your site signed up for newsletters can hardly wait I am designing a sensory herb garden for my disabled son medical herbs fragrant and edible half way through at present so excited. Found you through Cindy’s Facebook page so glad she shared.

    • Jan, congrats on re-starting your gardening! It does save money. Yesterday I made homemade chili with our own beef and all of the beans and veggies went into it were canned from our garden. I look forward to hearing about your gardening adventures!

    • Crab apples have a large amount of natural pectin already in them, in fact, they’re one of the apples you use to make homemade pectin, so I don’t think you’d need extra pectin when using them to make jelly.

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  9. I love your website! I heard your interview on Prepper Broadcasting Network and as a result I am looking forward to Pioneering Today which I ordering just a few days ago. I also tried your bread recipe and it was wonderful. Thanks again for all the information. God Bless!!!

  10. I have just spent 2 hrs. roaming around your website. I love it! So many good ideas, tips, recipes and information.
    Thank you!!

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  21. I signed up for your website but never received the copies of my free books. Would it be possible to send me a link to get the items from you?

  22. Hi Melissa
    Thanks so much for the e-books. Your web site is a wonderful resource, I appreciate all the helpful posts. So glad to know you are a sister in Christ. I will be recommending your site and FB page to my friends and readers on my Facebook page called This Is The Life.


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