Grandma’s Heavenly Chocolate Mayo Cupcakes & Caramel Frosting

My great-grandmother passed down many things in our family, and though I never knew her, I still think of the woman she was whenever I use her recipes or sieve when making applesauce, raspberry jelly, and blackberry syrup. I know she was a God fearing woman and an excellent baker. I wonder if she had any idea her legacy would live on in my home.Make this easy homemade chocolate may cake with no cook caramel frosting that's been passed down in our family for over 4 generations. No dairy and so moist you won't believe it doesn't have any dairy.

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Honey Whole Wheat Buttermilk Sandwich Bread

Are you ready for the best ever sandwich bread? Funny story, I’d been making homemade sourdough bread for my son’s lunches at school. Every night he came home with an empty lunch box, good sign, right?Honey Wheat Buttermilk Sandwich bread recipe. This melts in your mouth and is so light, you'd think it was made with regular white flour. My husband thanked me for making this bread it was soo good.

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Chocolate Cake w/ a Surprise Star (Gluten & Dairy Free Options)

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I’m always on the hunt to make yummy things a tad bit healthier, without sacrificing the taste. Because, I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t care how healthy something is for me if it tastes like sawdust topped with a sprinkle of honey. And it doesn’t do me or my family any good to waste money or time on foods that are healthy for them but are so bad, it’s a fight and struggle to get them to eat it.

But, if I can make a recipe healthier and tastes just as good or better than the previous unhealthy version, than I’m so going for it. With being frugal and trying to use up the food stock we have on hand (which is rotated out so it’s always stocked), I’ve been putting our root vegetables to use as some of them are coming to the end of their shelf life.

Which brings me to today’s surprise star ingredient. Hold your judgments when you hear it… beets. Yes, BEETS! And they my friend, make a moist, decadent, to die for chocolate cake, without a trace of dirt flavor to be found. I seriously had to fight my husband over a piece of this cake.Chocolate Beet Cake Gluten & Dairy Free Options I fought my husband over the last piece of this. Tastes like the richest cheesecake you ever had, but is healthy with the surprise ingredients of pureed beets. Shut the front door good!

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Homemade Chocolate Caramel Covered Marshmallows with Sea Salt

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Just the name alone has me drooling. Chocolate…caramel…covered…marshmallows… and sea salt. Say it really slow with me. Your mouth is watering, isn’t it?

Homemade Chocolate Caramel  Covered Sea Salt Marshmallows Recipe here These are so easy and best part gluten and gmo free! Perfect for the kids to help make.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars Recipe Gluten Free Dessert

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I came up with this recipe when I was going through sugar and gluten withdrawals. Going without dairy didn’t phase me much, but the no sweets rule was killing me while my husband went on our strict detox diet.Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Gluten Free Bars These ooey gooey are the perfect thing for your chocolate fix with no guilt, because they're dairy free, gluten free, and processed sugar free! Recipe here Repin

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Fried Apples-Healthy Snack or Paleo Dessert Recipe

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My husband and I are on a gluten, dairy, and sugar free (except the kind found naturally in fruit) 24 day diet right now. We’re on day 10. And while I don’t miss the gluten so much (at least right now), I really miss the sugar.

We did this diet last spring and over the months, had slowly allowed our bad eating habits to sneak back in. Especially around the holidays. So while we don’t plan on always following this strict Paleo diet all the time, we will be sticking closer to it, even after our 24 days are up. Fried Apples Paleo Style Dessert recipe at #glutenfree #sugarfree and #dairyfree I almost ate the whole pan before my daughter caught me and made me share the last two. These are definitely a new staple at our house. And they're less than $.65 per serving

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Kale and Salmon Cakes Recipe-Paleo Diet Style

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Any of you planning on eating healthier this new year? It’s on my list, too. So is enlarging the garden and trying our hand at a homemade greenhouse. (It’s been on my bucket list for years and you can bet there will be some tutorials.)

Last spring, my husband and I went on a paleo (paleo is eating like they did during the Paleolithic era, aka caveman era, before domestic farming). You eat vegetables, fruits, meats, and eggs. Essentially, no dairy or wheat. We followed it strictly for 24 days and then slowly introduced dairy and wheat (ground at home) back into our diet.

We both lost weight (my husband totally beat me, but we’re not doing it to be competitive, right?). We function at our best when we have some wheat in our diet, but regardless of where you fall on the gluten train, we can all benefit from learning to add more veggies into our diet. I love vegetable rich meals because we have the most ease growing vegetables at our home. I can’t produce enough wheat to sustain my family for the year, but I can with vegetables and fruit, for the most part.Kale Salmon Cakes, gluten and dairy free, and paleo. Recipe at

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Bean and Ham Soup-Frugal Suppers

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Cooking healthy wholesome food for my family, while maintaining a frugal budget, is one of my favorite things to do. I know many of you are in the same spot as I am. My aim over the next few months is to share my tips and tricks for keeping a food budget of $350 a month, with our favorite recipes, to help you and hopefully learn some new recipes.Ham and Bean Soup-Frugal Suppers Recipe at

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Homemade Crackers-Versatile and Frugal Appetizer

The holidays often stretch budgets and one of the places most of us can stand to spend less is on our grocery bill. Last month, I put into place some new policies and I only spent $330 on groceries for a family of four (this is with toiletries), including a turkey and ham for Thanksgiving dinner. When I shared this on my Facebook page, many of you expressed interest in how I managed this.Versatile and frugal. Make a batch for less than $.50 Recipe at

I’ll be going into greater detail and how to’s as we head into the new year, so make sure you sign up to receive new blog posts straight to your email so you don’t miss it.

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16 Christmas Cookie Recipes (13 Gluten Free Options)

There are many things I love about the pioneers and how they celebrated Christmas. One, it wasn’t all about the latest and greatest gift. Second, the church Christmas program was the highlight for many families, which focused on Jesus (Need more focus on Jesus in your Christmas? Have You Written Your Letter? Dear Jesus, All I Want for Christmas). Third, special treats and the focus of today’s post, is a cookie exchange.

All photos used with Permission

All photos used with Permission

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