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Feb 11

How to Raise Ducks for Eggs

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Podcast

TweetShareHow to Raise Ducks for Eggs Raising ducks for eggs has many benefits. In fact, ducks may be the better answer to getting fresh eggs every single day of the year and for up to five years, compared to chickens. From a preparedness standpoint, I love learning about new livestock to bring onto the homestead. […]

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Nov 11

6 DIY Re-Purposed Sweater Projects

By Andrea Sabean | How to articles

TweetShareThese are 6 DIY frugal re-purposed sweater projects you have to make! I’m always skeptical of trying these things I see online or Pinterest, because usually they don’t turn out quite as cute for me. Anyone else? However, these turned out so stinking cute I have to go hunt up more sweaters, because I’m keeping […]

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Nov 02

DIY Canning Ring Wreath

By Melissa Norris | How to articles

TweetShareThis DIY canning ring wreath is my new favorite homestead decor ever! You guys know I have a canning addiction. Being able to take something that’s just lying around, and then turn into something oh so cute, well, this little homesteading heart just kept pace with a fast fiddle stomping tune. (Did I ever tell […]

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