Re-Usable Tattler Canning Lids-Do They Work?

Re-Usable Tattler canning lids. I had no idea re-usable canning lids even existed until about a year ago. I love being able to can food at home. Re-using Mason jars every year and growing our own food makes canning almost free. Except for the lids.Re-Usable Tattler Canning Lids- Do they really work? Great review on using Tattler canning lids and what to expect. I'd love to be able reuse canning lids!

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Episode #32 10 Tips for Organic Gardening and Pest Control

10 Tips for Organic Gardening and Pest Control. Love these tips to naturally keep your garden healthy and ways to get rid of pests without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Keeping pesticides and chemicals out of your garden and food is important, but how to handle the pests? I share 10 tips for organic gardening and pest control in today’s show. (New addition with the Question of the week and transcript of the show) Continue reading

Low Sugar No Pectin Blueberry Jam

This low sugar no pectin blueberry jam might just be the best jam I’ve ever inhaled  tasted. I don’t make this claim lightly. The hint of lime makes this sing on your taste buds, dare I call it, sublime. (Yea, I’m kind of dorky that way)Low sugar no pectin blueberry jam. Love how easy this, without the cost of store bought pectin. Plus, this is one of the best jams we've ever had.

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Podcast Episode #30 Raising Backyard Chickens Meat Birds

Raising backyard chickens for meat provides you with hormone and chemical free meat. It’s also an excellent way to improve your self-sustainability. Podcast on raising backyard chickens for meat. Great tips on what to expect, plus a break down on the cost.
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Home Canning Giveaway

Home canning is the major food preservation method I grew up with. It’s also the way we preserve a lot of our food at home. Last year we did over 250 jars of home canned goodness. And this year my goal is to do at least 300. If you’re new to canning, been doing it forever, or want some new canning gear, then this my friends, is the giveaway for you.

Normally, Monday’s are the day I share what Jesus is doing in my life and heart. After listening in to the Summer of Survival webinar last Thursday on Christian Principles of Preparedness I pondered on what Steve shared. (My webinar Home Food Preservation Made Easy is tomorrow at 8 pm Eastern time, click here to snag your seat for free *referral link)

This is one of my favorite verses in regards to being prepared.

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. Proverbs 22:3 (NIV)

I realize there can only be one winner of our Home Canning Giveaway, but I’ve created an awesome resource that all of you can “win”. Are you ready for this?

Free resource guide to home food preservation. Over 80+ resources from canning, dehydrating, root cellar, salt curing, and alcohol and oil.  Perfect timing for all our summer and fall harvest coming up!


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How to Smoke Cheese at Home

Learning how to smoke cheese at home is a bit easier than I thought it would be. When something tastes so delicious I often think it’s way more complicated than it actually is. I love cheese, but when you add in the smokey goodness…. well, let’s just say I’ve been known to eat an entire wedge of smoked Gouda all by myself. In one sitting.How to smoke cheese at home

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