When You Want to Feel God’s Presence

Do you ever long to feel the presence of God? To feel His touch as surely as the sun upon your skin?

I know God is faithful, I know His promises in the Bible are true, no matter if I feel Him or not. But sometimes, I want to feel Him. 

The past few weeks have stretched me thin, like the fabric of my favorite sweat pants I’ve worn since my junior year of high school. Continue reading

Do You Need a Jesus Refresher?

Do you ever have one of those weeks? Both hands stretched high in the sky and waving here. My son had a day camp which required early rising and 12 hours away from home on my part. My husband hurt himself and will be going in for a MRI Tuesday morning. While he’s pushed through, there’s been a few chores he couldn’t do on our homestead and I’ve stepped up. Or stumbled up may be more appropriate. Graceful, I’m not.

We’ve been packing water to our two pigs in five gallon buckets. Lifting it over the fence is a great bicep workout. Making sure you aim the water into the tub and not on top of the electric fence wire next to it requires a level of skill. A skill level I’ve not really accomplished. However, pigs love water, so when I ended up dumping almost four gallons of water on the pigs head, he was quite happy.

We now have a hose going to the tub, thank you very much.Even if it's been a long time since you spent time with Jesus, His arms are open wide and waiting to take you back.

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Healing from Hurtful Words

You know that saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? Here’s the thing, words can hurt, but they can also heal. It depends on which words we decide to listen to.Have you been hurt by someone's words? Don't let them take over your thoughts.

This past week, I had an ugly word used to describe me. A hurtful word. A word my grandmother would have threatened to wash your mouth out with soap over. Continue reading

When Truth Hurts

Last week my husband and I got in a discussion. Yep, discussion, a nice calm rational word. Let’s stick with that word.

He said something that at the time made me mad. It made me square my shoulders and immediately fire back some choice words in our discussion.

After I had some time to sit and stew  think about it, I had to acknowledge he might have a valid point. Then I had to admit the reason his words made me so mad, because deep down, I knew they were true. Continue reading

Does Jesus Need to Weed Your Life?

Do you ever let things go until they get so big you’re forced to deal with them? I’m the queen of procrastination when it comes to certain things.

For the past few months (yes, you read that correctly, months) I’ve needed to weed our front flower bed. Grass has been creeping between the river rock border, slowly encroaching up the beauty bark and into the flowers. There may have even been a stinging nettle or two among the heather. Let Jesus Weed Your Life Continue reading