Celebrating Christmas Cyber Monday Sale 75% Discount!!

I confess, I get a little zing whenever I score an awesome deal. I'm a frugal shopper and I rarely purchase anything unless it's deeply discounted. Well, you can't get much lower than 75% off, right? I'm super excited to share this Flash Cyber Monday sale with you from our affiliate partner Bundle of the Week on their e-book bundle, Celebrating Christmas, featuring my new book, Pioneering Today-A Homemade Christmas. On Monday, 12/2 we’re bringing back our Christmas bundles for just 24 … [Read more...]

Old-Fashioned Ginger Cream Cookies

Mountain Heath Christmas share a virtual cookie recipe exchange and printable Bible verses for garlands and gift tags www.melissaknorris.com

The fire crackles and pops before you. Spicy fragrant cedar boughs hang from your mantle and a white pine trimmed with popcorn and cranberries bedecks your front room. A steaming mug of homemade apple cider and a plate of fresh baked cookies sit beside you. Your best friends settle in for a moment of chatting, a rare moment to savor good company. That’s where we invite you this week… To a place of sweet fellowship, sharing not just the recipes of a traditional cookie exchange, but also the … [Read more...]

Mrs. Miracle | Guest Post by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Plus a Giveaway)

Suzanne Woods Fisher (1)

I'm very excited to be a part of Suzanne Woods Fisher's giveaway and release of her new book. She's a friend of mine and we enjoy sharing chicken raising woes and the joys of gardening. Many of you know I admire the way the Amish live close to the earth, growing their own food, and cooking from scratch. Reading is one of my other loves, so these two marry perfectly in her new book. Good luck and enjoy!   Today, please welcome to my blog author Suzanne Woods Fisher! Book one, The … [Read more...]

“The Next Big Thing”

The Homestead-where my dad grew up

My friend Amanda Dykes recently asked me to participate in a blog hop. It’s one you may have seen floating around the writer-blogosphere in the past few months, called “The Next Big Thing.” The purpose is simply to give you a peek inside the current or latest projects of different authors, as a new way to introduce you to books you may enjoy. Most of you know about my non-fiction, Pioneering Today, but here is a little sampling of the novel I'm starting: 1. What is the title of your … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Books for the Christian Book Lover on Your List


Today I'm participating in a blog parade hosted by literary agency, Wordserve. The theme is a writer's wish list and believe it or not, I'm a reader first, a writer second. If you'd like to see all the giveaways and authors participating, here's the link. My wish is for everyone to read good books that enrich your life, no matter if they flow from my hand or someone else's. So I compiled my favorite 10 books for the Christian book lover and thought it might help some of you finish up your … [Read more...]

Book Review and Giveaway-Unending Devotion by Jody Hedlund

I see there are two options to Black Friday. You can either join the madness or curl up with a good book. If you're not out shopping then here's a great book for you. Unending Devotion, is my favorite of Hedlund's three books so far. As a logger's daughter, I enjoy reading about the historical aspect of the hardworking men that made up the lumber camps. Lily Young longs to find her lost sister or will die trying. Heedless of any danger, she searches logging camps and towns, posing as a … [Read more...]

How to Find Peace and Love with Author Rita Gerlach + Apple Tansey Recipe


Many of you know I enjoyed reading Rita Gerlach’s first novel Before The Scarlet Dawn. I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation to blog about the second book and share her recipe for Apple Tansey. Here’s some words from Rita. This month, the second book in the Daughters of the Potomac Series, Beside Two Rivers, was released. At the end of the novel, I include Psalm 142:13. This is my rest forever: here will I dwell, for I have desired it. Is that not a beautiful scripture? Finding … [Read more...]

Pioneering Today-How to Make Apple Butter with author Joanne Bischof

Learn how to make apple butter with this easy tutorial and canning instructions. Plus, check out her secret ingredient for the best apple butter ever. You'll want to use this ingredient every time you make apple butter from here on out.

Don't you love it when  you meet someone new and have an instant connection? That's how I felt when I first met Appalachian author Joanne Bischof and now here she is on my blog showing you how to make apple butter! I was thrilled when she offered to share her tutorial and recipe for How to Make Apple Butter. I know you'll adore Joanne as much as I do. In her words: As an author of Appalachian romance, I love doing research. But what’s even more fun than the research, are the … [Read more...]

Book Review and Giveaway of Over the Edge by Mary Connealy

I expected Mary Connealy's western historical, Over the Edge, to be a fun quick read. I enjoy a good cowboy book and the cover promised a handsome cowboy, don't you think? It held up to its promises and then some. There was plenty of horses, cowboys, and cowgirls. What I didn't expect was the struggle inside all of us between good and evil. Both the villian and the hero had to fight the most evil of all, what lies inside our heart. With a cavern and underground tunnels, fossils, and … [Read more...]

Make Your Dream a Reality Today

We all have a dream living inside us. Something we want to do someday. Something we tell ourselves we'll do when we have more time, when the kids are grown, when our finances are better. Someday never comes. There will never be a perfect time to start your dream. I've wanted to be a published author ever since I was a little girl. After I had my daughter, I let that dream take a back seat. But it wouldn't stop nagging at me. If God has called you to do something, you will be … [Read more...]