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Melissa K. Norris inspires people's faith and pioneer roots with her books, podcast, and blog. Melissa lives with her husband and two children in their own little house in the big woods in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. When she's not wrangling chickens and cattle, you can find her stuffing Mason jars with homegrown food and playing with flour and sugar in the kitchen.

Feb 01

Repurpose Clipboards for Gorgeous Functional Wall Art

By Melissa Norris | How to articles , Pioneering Today

Ever wished you had a place to go for free that offered practical, affordable, and awesome ideas? It’s called Pinterest and I’m one of its newest fans. Everything from books, crafts, organization, recipes, decorating, you name it! If you already know Pinterest, let’s hang there, here’s my address I really needed to organize my desk. […]

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Jan 11

Simplifying Your Life

By Melissa Norris | Pioneering Today

  One thing our pioneer forefathers and mothers didn’t have to worry about was downsizing their possessions or finding organizers for all their stuff. This time of year, a lot of focus is on new starts and getting organized, with the thought it will make your life simpler and better. Most pioneer families only had […]

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Jan 04

Some of my favorite quilts

By Melissa Norris | Pioneering Today

There’s something about a quilt that makes you want to wrap up in it, sip a cup of steaming cocoa, and read a book by the fire. I’ve always admired our pioneer women for the beautiful quilts they made. A thing of beauty of necessity when they didn’t have forced air heating systems. Of course, […]

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