mentorsI am a Christian fiction historical romance novelist and lover of all things vintage and antique. I used to say I was born a century too late, but with our frequent power outages here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, I decided I prefer to merge the best of the olden days with our modern conveniences. I’m a skilled artisan crafter, creating new traditions from old-time customs for my readers.

I write on what inspires me, and hopefully you, closer to God and our pioneer roots. If you want to deepen your relationship with Christ, offer your family the wholesomeness of yesteryear, then this blog is for you.

I typically post three times a week, Monday’s are faith posts, Wednesday’s feature Pioneering Today, how-to articles on cooking, gardening, preserving, and crafts, Friday’s feature Pioneering Today Podcast Episodes, and Sunday is The Simple Life Blog Hop, dedicated to all things simple from homemaking, home cooking, gardening, DIY, homesteading, and faith. To make sure you don’t miss a new post, you can sign up via email on the right side bar button that say’s Stay Connected.

Top Posts

If you are new to my blog, you might want to start with my most popular posts. Here’s the Top three in each category:

Building Your Faith

Ever Wonder If God Still Performs Miracles?

Is It About Your Or God?

Intercessory Prayer-How to Stand In the Gap for Loved Ones

Pioneering Today

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls 

Best Ever Flaky Pie Crust in Less than 15 Minutes

Low Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam

You can also check my blog’s archives for a list of every post I have written or use the search function at the top of the page to find other posts that might be of interest. You can use the category button to find similar posts.

My Biography

I found my own little house in the big woods, where I live with my husband and two children in the Cascade Mountains. I write a monthly column, Pioneering Today, for the local newspaper that bridges my love of the past with its usefulness in modern life. My books and articles are inspired by my family’s small herd of beef cattle, my amateur barrel racing days, and my forays into quilting and canning—without always reading the directions first.

I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and my love of books has never stopped. I’ll often share or do occasional giveaways of my favorite authors and books.

When I’m not reading, you can find me running, gardening, camping, wake-boarding, or sitting outside in the beautiful nature God created for us.

I am represented by Sarah Joy Freese at Wordserve Literary Agency. Read How God Uses Hardships for Good to see how I came to be a novelist.


Email: melissa@melissaknorris.com or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.


15 thoughts on “About

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  2. I love your banner photograph because I grew up in the Midwest and lived in the country. Barns where I lived were mostly painted red and the cows were either Guernseys or Holsteins. No matter. This scene evokes memories of so many happy times. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Lenore. It’s my father’s barn, just up the road from my home. There’s something about a barn that makes me remember hay forts and dust motes dancing in the beams. Glad it brought back some good memories for you. :)

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  4. I’m loving your blog and was reading your book and loving it also…until the writing became unreadable. I’m on my kindle and all the letters are mixed up and make no sense. Help!

    • Beth, I have no idea what happened. I haven’t had anyone have any trouble with the Kindle version. How far into the book are you, what chapter? Beings Amazon delivers it, I don’t have any idea what could have gone wrong. But, if they can’t fix it, let me know and I’ll email you the PDF file.

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  6. Glad to have found you today by clicking on a Pin about growing potatoes! My maiden name was Norris, as well and I am a writier as well, though nothing published, yet. I had started writing a Christian fantasy and a series of children’s books about doxies when I put that aside to help raise our three youngest grandchildren who live with us. I always wanted to live in the NW after having lived on Kodiak as a child for 3 years. We live in the Ozarks, right now but are praying the LORD will allow us to move back up north, soon. Look forward to reading your blog and stories. God bless and have a great day! :)

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