Processed Replacements-Make Your Own Cream Soup Substitution

I’ve been converting processed foods with healthy traditional replacements in my kitchen for the past few years. I firmly believe in cooking and making things ourselves, instead of being spoon fed unhealthy chemical laden products by companies that only care about turning a profit.

It can be daunting and my best advice is to start with one item at a time. Begin with the items that you ingest the most of on a daily basis. For me, that was bread. It’s been over a year since I’ve purchased bread from the store using the less than 5 minutes a day method and only 5 traditional ingredients

Replacing Cream of Chicken Soup In Your Pantry-Cooking from Scratch

Today I want to show you how to make cream of soup substitutions in your favorite casseroles and recipes. We’ll be making a basic sauce. For the cream of chicken soups, I make a basic white sauce with a twist.

First start with a cast iron skillet, or a large skillet of your choice, but beings we’re being healthy, no Teflon coated pans.1 step of basic white sauce-melt the butter

Pioneering Today-Basic White Sauce Recipe

1/4 cup (or 1/3 cup) of butter

1/3 cup flour

1 to 2 cups milk

salt to taste

Melt the butter in your pan over medium low heat. Stir in the flour until it makes a thick paste and is combined.Slowly add liquid to paste, a little at a time

Add your liquid slowly, working it until the paste is absorbed. Continue to add liquid until the sauce has reached the desired thickness, stirring continually. It will thicken as it simmers. Use in place of cream soups in your favorite casseroles and recipes. Or serve it over top of hard-boiled eggs and toast.

The Twist-Depending on your recipe, try switching out the liquid. Instead of milk, use chicken stock and a dash of white wine. The alcohol content cooks out. If you desire a rich sauce, use real cream.

Some of you may be worrying about your health using real butter and cream. I’m the first to say that using real butter is healthy! Read this article for info on the truth behind the butter is bad myth. 

I personally always believe using real ingredients in a balanced diet is the healthiest way to live. I only serve myself and my family real butter and real milk (provided you don’t have a dairy allergy).

What’s your favorite processed replacement recipe? How are you doing on swapping out real for fake food items?

Want more of this? I have over 40 traditional easy recipes in my book Pioneering Today-Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way. Read the first chapter for free. 


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  1. Nicola says

    This is awesome! I’ve used organic cream of celery to replace my “cream of mushroom” requirement only because I hate mushrooms but I like this idea better. It requires less expensive ingredients and I have more control over what’s in it. My one concern is over using white flour. What do you think about using whole wheat?

    • says

      Nicola, use any flour you want. It’s just the thickening agent so whatever your flour preference is fine. I’m on the hunt for an organic ancient flour myself. There’s a grainery out of Winthrop I’m investigating. You can also mince garlic and cook it with the butter before adding your flour and liquids for extra flavor, too. Enjoy!

  2. says

    This is such a great idea. Those canned soups really can’t have good things in them. I will have to try this! I saw in the comments you were talking about flours. My dream birthday gift is a wheat grinder so I can grind my own wheat fresh. A friend of mine has done this for years and she loves it…and makes wonderful bread!

    • says

      Joanne, I’m giggling because I just emailed someone asking them about grinding their own flour because I want to do this. We have very similar wants. :) I wish our climate was conducive to growing my own wheat!

    • says

      Too funny!! We think alike! :) I looked them up last week and the grinders were so expensive, it turned into just a dream, but I’m going to keep my eyes open for maybe a used one.

  3. says

    We were just discussing this at dinner tonight. I need to remember to use this with some of our Thanksgiving recipes that call for a can of soup. Thanks so much for sharing this!


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