Does Your Self-Image Need Refined?

Most of us like to put our best self forward to the world. We don’t want people to know what a mess we truly are inside. At least, this is true for me.

Oh, I may share some of the icky things, but we all have certain secrets and thoughts that we rarely reveal to others, ourselves, or God. Even though God knows our every thought, we somehow fool ourselves into thinking He doesn’t know those ones.God Doesn't Do Halfway Healings @MelissaKNorris

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do pick a phrase or theme for the year. My theme for 2013 is Open the Eyes of My Heart. I asked God to reveal areas in my life that were masked. Areas that were hindering my walk with Him and needed the work of the Holy Spirit.

When you ask God to work on your life, be prepared. Being refined by God is painful, but the healing that awaits you on the other side is worth it.  [Tweet this]

In high school, I suffered from Bulimia. Thankfully, my mother got involved and my bout wasn’t very long or damaging. Or so I thought.

But I’ve always been very self-conscience about my weight. The gain of three pounds stresses me. I analyze pictures to see if I look fat. I know a lot of women feel this way, but there are times when I look at myself in the mirror and the emotions that overwhelm me aren’t normal. I know this, but I seem helpless to stop them.

While I don’t practice Bulimia and haven’t in over seventeen years, the scars run deeper than I care to admit. God knows what we need healed of, even when we don’t. And when I asked Him to open the eyes of my heart, He did.

An author at my literary agency asked for help in spreading the word when her book,The Eden Diet, was on Amazon’s Kindle list for free. I did and downloaded my own copy. And there it sat on my Kindle for a few weeks.

Until my next bout of self-pummeling cycled through. I started her book and was blown away by what I read. For years, I’ve allowed food to have a hold on me. I’ve let the world, healthy eating, and exercise regimens control my desire to be thin and fit. While these things in and of themselves aren’t bad, they weren’t fixing the real issue.

I was allowing myself to fixate on my diet, calories burned, and muscle gained, instead of focusing on God. The Eden Diet isn’t really a diet at all, it’s about recognizing the signals God designed to tell you when to eat. It’s about relying on Him and not yourself or the next weight loss craze.

I’ve been following the book for three weeks and every now and then my old thoughts rear their head. I start to slide back down the slippery slope, but then God opens the eyes of my heart and turns me back to Him.

Because when you invite God to heal you, He rips the band-aid all the way off. God doesn’t do halfway healings.  [Tweet this]

I don’t know what areas of your life need God’s touch. All of us our different and we serve a God who sees each of us where we are and meets each need accordingly. But I do know we all need healing. I invite you to ask God to open the eyes of your heart.

What has God healed you of? Are there areas He’s dealing with right now?

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  1. says

    I was a late bloomer and always undersized, so and went through the majority of my life thinking I looked like a 14 year old boy. Pregnancy was great, and nursing was better, but then I went back down to my scrawny figure. With pregnancies 5 and 6, I gained about five sizes, and it took years to lose the weight. I later discovered much had to do with thyroid disease. I’m finally at a middle place where my weight feels normal.

    Ever since I met you, I’ve though you were BEAUTIFUL because you were curvy like a woman should be! :)

    I loved the encouragement about half-way healing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart!

  2. Cheyanne Pritchard says

    As I read your words tonight tears filled my eyes! I am so thankful God has put you in my life as a mentor! I know it is hard to share some things in life but know that God uses your story to help others relate and it opens a door for healing to others. I can not even express how helpful your words have been! And thank you again for reccomending “The Eden Diet” to me! I gained so much knowlege and it was like the saw that could finally break through the chains that Satan has been using to hold me in bondage to food and dieting. I struggle with emotional binge eating and I am reminded every day how much I need to look to God for my strength! I know God is at work in and through me and their are some walls that need broke down. There are some areas where Satan holds me in bondage that need to be dealt with and sometimes it takes hearing another person’s struggles and triumphs to shine the light on areas in our own life we don’t know how to face! So thank you again and I pray that God can use me in someone’s life as he has used you in mine!

    • says

      Cheyanne, it’s a pleasure to watch you grow in your faith and I’m honored if I’ve helped you in any way in that. It’s wonderful to be a part of the body of the Church so that we can each help one another in different ways. Thank you for you kind words and sharing your own lessons. I look forward to seeing how He continue to refines each of us. :)

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