God Speaks Using Dreams-Part 4

God spoke to me through a dream this past fall. I dreamed a friend of mine, who I hadn’t been in recent contact with for months, was sobbing. She said someone had died and she was heartbroken. I held her in my arms while she cried, not knowing who had passed away or how.

We have an annual shopping day and while we were driving home, she began to share with me about a close family member who had become involved with drugs. I got chills as I recognized her tears and voice from my dream.

I knew that God had given me insight to this moment. I shared my dream with her and then asked her if I could pray over her and her family member. While I prayed, I knew that God’s hand was upon that moment.

Her family member is clean now. I know this is only due to us standing in the gap and our intercessory prayer that God was able to deliver him.

God gives us dreams of warning, dreams of direction, and dreams of spiritual warfare.

This was a dream including all the above, because I almost didn’t go with my friend that day. I know God worked it out so that I would be alone with her in the car.

Listen to your dreams and ask God for clarity. If we seek Him and His will, He will always show up and lead us.

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

I found this site that lists Bible References on Dreams for further verses.

What messages has God given you in a dream?

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  1. says

    This goes right alone with something God’s been challenging me to do. I started a journal page called Purpose where I write the things God identifies as my purpose for the day. Every day I set out with my own goals and without perspective I’d ignore those prompts. When I’m listening I realize my purpose is to help a friend, hug my kids, do a neighbor’s laundry. THOSE are my purpose, not necessarily a clean house, or an accomplished goal….

    Great post!

    • says

      Thanks. I hear you, too often I get caught up in cleaning house, writing that blog post :), or something else on my to do list. And God reminds me, when you die, your family will remember you for what time you took for them and the memories you made with them, not how clean your floors were.

      I love your idea of a Purpose page!

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